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Police officers from four member jurisdictions met online with the developers of two gun security products -- Vara Safety’s Reach 2.0 biometric handgun safe, and Gun Guardian’s TS-1 retractable trigger guard for AR-15s -- and began the process of hands-on evaluation of the products. Both products had been screened by law enforcement officers at the Milwaukee expo in January 2019 and were seen as having the potential to reduce the incidence of gun theft and accidental or unauthorized firing of guns. The Consortium provided 18 officers with models for evaluation.

UPDATE -- December 2020

Officers from the first cohort of participating jurisdictions met to share their findings and to provide feedback to product developers. Officers also provided written feedback to the Consortium.

UPDATE -- March 2021

23 officers from six additional jurisdictions joined the evaluation process. Two additional startup companies provided models of promising products for evaluation: Sentinl’s Identilock fingerprint-activated trigger lock, and T-Lock’s trigger lock equipped with a motion-sensor alarm. Both are commercially available.


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