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Skeptical Citizen #1:

Why are you diverting attention from the critical work that Congress and the President need to do to reduce gun violence?

Consortium response:

There is no “magic bullet” -- no single policy or set of laws -- that Congress can enact to solve the problem of gun violence in America.  We have developed one approach among the many that are needed to address the problem in all its complexity.  We feel that it’s not enough just to demand action from Washington.  We have a responsibility to use the tools we have at the local level even while federal leaders are being asked to use theirs.

Skeptical Citizen #2:

Why are you promoting untested technologies?  And why are you making law enforcement officers “guinea pigs” for these technologies?

Consortium response:

Go back and re-read.  We aren’t promoting anything untested -- we are evaluating products to see if they work. And the police aren’t guinea pigs.  They’re the ones doing the evaluating!  Just like with the firearms we buy, we want to make sure these products work before we buy them.

Skeptical Citizen #3:

Even if they work, these technologies aren’t panaceas.

Consortium response:

Exactly.  See our answer to Skeptical Citizen #1.  There’s no single solution.  There’s not even a single technology or product that will be suitable for every gun owner in every circumstance.  A wide variety of proven gun security products are needed in the market and on store shelves.

Skeptical Citizen #4:

But you’re pushing products that are controversial, like “smart guns.”

Consortium response:

We want to evaluate all kinds of safety products so we can make informed decisions.  There are two controversies surrounding personalized guns.  One is whether they will work as intended -- which is what we aim to find out.  The other is whether user authenticated technology should be mandated for all guns. Consortium members and leaders don’t agree on everything, but we do agree that smart-gun mandates are a bad idea. 

Skeptical Citizen #5:

If you do own a gun, the safest thing to do is to keep it locked in safe that’s hidden from view.  Why are any other products needed?

Consortium response:

Your point about safes is a good one -- a good safe is the gold standard for gun security.  But like it or not, millions of gun owners want a gun within arm’s reach, or accessible within just a few seconds.  And millions more lawfully carry their guns outside their homes.  Again, a wide range of security solutions is needed for these situations.

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